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Persona Profile: Badia


Name: Badia
Age: 25
Birthday: m3 d3
Rank: Hall Resident
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold

Physical Description of Persona:
A spackling of freckles across her nose and collar bone, and pale skin often keeps her well covered when outside. She is a dainty thing, which wars with her rather hot temper and habit of getting in--and out- of mischief. She likes light airy, shaded colors and often there is a piece of matching color that she wears over her head to cover her curly scarlet hair and compliment her startling light green eyes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Badia has always been rather mischievious and always managed to get herself out of whatever mischief she's been caught out in--usually by using her quick wit to talk herself around it. Very intelligent, she's just never seemed to have a particular focus for all that intelligence. She is very sweet in nature for the most part--but don't get her angry--she has quite a temper!

History of Persona:
The youngest daughter always has their advantages. Da's little girl and the like, but then there are the older brothers. Having a protective family always makes Badia feel safe, so she often takes risks other wouldn't dream of.

Recently, she visited Vintner Hall and pretended to be demure and quiet--something she most certainly was not. She unwittingly impressed Fielton, the Hallmaster, who'd recently had his marriage to his previous wife ended due to her infidelity and her having left for the Weyr. He was so impressed, that he decided she'd make an excellent wife. Surprisingly, she found the normally grumpy Hallmaster attractive and agreed, approaching it as just another adventure for the most part.

Witht he blessings of her parents, she and Fielton were recently married and now the young wife tries to balance her attraction to her much older husband and the frustration she often feels regarding his arrogance. It will be interesting to see how this particular 'battle of the sexes' plays out when they honeymoon ends!

Family and Friends
Fielton, 60, Master Crafter, Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold (Husband)
Jielta, 21, Hall Resident, Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold (Step-Daughter)
Fieayz, 22, Hold Resident, Elsewhere on Pern (Step-Daughter)

Approved: October 2nd 2005
Last updated: October 2nd 2005

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