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Persona Profile: Arion

Writer: Heather (ONPC)

Name: Arion
Age: 29
Birthday: m6 d7
Rank: Junior Journeyman Vintner
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold
Job: Wine Merchant
Craft: Vintner
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
Arion is 5'7" and slender. His face is sharply contoured with high cheekbones and a strong chin. He has soft blond hair that's more white than yellow, which he keeps neatly combed back from his face, and wears just long enough to touch the top of his collar.

Emotional Description of Persona:
To those who don't know Arion well, he comes across as very level-headed, logical and quiet. To those who do know Arion, his emotions range from cold indifference, to petty rage, depending upon the situation. Being a gay man raised at a Hold, Arion has always had to hide who he really is, so he is very careful around new people. Arion tends to have big feelings, that get stepped on easily, but his emotions swing like a pendulum, and in no time he'll bounce back.

History of Persona:
Arion was born to two perfectly, ordinary farmers who live in the Amber Hills territory. He was one of eight children and farming was never anything that he was interested in. Arion enjoyed playing with his sisters and their dolls more than he did hunting with his brothers.

When he was twelve, Arion's parents agreed that he could go to the Vintner Hall at Amethyst Cliffs if he was accepted. After all, it was one less mouth to feed if he left, and his father didn't know what to do with him anyway, since he didn't act like any of his other sons.

At Amethyst Cliffs Arion met a couple of young men who were more like he was, sexually, and it was there that he was introduced to physical intimacy. It was also there that he learned to hide his feelings after he saw one of his friends harassed by some of the holders at Amethyst Cliffs.

Arion stayed at Vintner Hall in Amethyst Cliffs until the landslide there caused the Hall to move to Amber Hills. Returning to his home territory wasn't exactly what Arion had been looking to do, but he was too invested in the Vintner Hall to go anywhere else.

Arion walked the tables from apprentice to journeyman when he was eighteen, and now he not only works with the brewers, but also serves as one of the merchants who takes wines to different gathers and events to sell.

Family and Friends
Akivne, 69, Farmer (Father)
Diredra, 64, Farmer's Wife (Mother)
Aykran, 46, Farmer (Brother)
Dyvina, 41, Farmer's Wife (Sister)
Kyderiv, 39, Beastcrafter (Brother)
Aidrene, 38, Hold Resident (Sister)
Akidra, 35, Greenrider (Sister)
Divna, 32, Foster Mother (Sister)
K'yre, 31, Brownrider (Brother)

Approved: December 7th 2017
Last updated: December 5th 2017

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