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Persona Profile: T'sin


Name: T'sin
Age: 32
Birthday: m1 d19
Rank: Wingthird, Volcano Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Standing at 5'8, T'sin isnt' necessarily tall, but is lean, with shoulders that look a little too broad for his frame. His dark hair is straight and brushes the back of his neck, but has enough body to seem like it has a bit of a mind of its own.

T'sin's bright blue eyes, wide smile, and dimples have also been a cause for worry for many a young girl's (and boy's, if there were honest) parents, especially when he goes on Search. It doesn't help that his time at Vista Point Weyr and now at Dolphins Cove has given him an even tan that only makes his eyes stand out even further.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Charming, good humored and a perpetual flirt, T'sin is quite simply a positive man who enjoys life and all it has to offer. He has a wicked sense of humor and can be utterly incorrigible, enjoying the opportunity to flip an innocent phrase to the utterly naughty.

Though he takes his role and responsibility as a dragonrider seriously, if he can find humor in a situation, he will.

History of Persona:
It may surprise many to know that T'sin started out as Teysin, the youngest son of a minor Holder. Though his father attempted to groom Teysin into the role of a Steward, to his father's dismay, the young man showed more interest in getting into all manner of troublesome situations. His youngest son was wild, prone to disappearing during lessons, secretly swiping his older brother's favorite runner for afternoon rides, and teaching his youngest sister how to best wheedle sweets from his cook. And though his father wasn't certain, two of his staff's children looked very much like his son, though no claims upon him were ever made.

By the time Teysin was seventeen, his father was at his wit's end. About to send him to Emerald Falls to be fostered due to another unfortunate incident involving a guard, glue, and bed sheets, all hope of Teysin showing an ounce of responsibility had been abandoned until a Searchrider visited the small hold. Unwilling to miss the opportunity to see a dragon, Teysin had shown up to greet the rider and within only a few moments, the blue had singled him out. Unlike many of his peers whose parents were uncertain, Teysin found himself shoved towards the rider by a relieved father and left that very afternoon.

At his first Standing at Vista Point, Teysin Impressed blue Biveth. Adjusting to the changes in his life took time and eventually T'sin behavior was tempered by responsibility, training, and very patient Weyrlingstaff, some of them oddly going grey and earning addtional laughter lines over the course of his Candidacy and Weyrling training period.

When Thread began to fall, T'sin's grew in maturity, but it did not lessen his love of life. He took on more responsibilities and enjoyed them, but never descended into the grave seriousness of some of his peers. When the opportunity to transfer to another Weyr was presented, he took it gladly, eager to meet new people.

Dragon's Name: Biveth
Dragon's Age: 16
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Biveth is indigo blue dragon, solid in color without deeper or lighter shades. He's of average size and isn't outstanding in look or conformation. Like his rider, he is good humored, jovial and playful.

Approved: December 21st 2017
Last updated: February 4th 2019

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