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Persona Profile: Z'dhi

Writer: Avery

Name: Z'dhi
Age: 29
Birthday: m8 d7
Rank: Wingrider, Skybroom Wing
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Technician
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Z'dhi stands at average height for a Pernese man and has a slender frame bulked up by the work of being a dragonrider. He has dark brown hair that curls when he lets it grow too long. His eyes are dark brown and often narrowed in a squint. His skin is deeply tanned. He has a long, thin Threadscore running from his left shoulder down his back from where a tendril lashed him.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Z'dhi is very smart and his mind is often racing. Because of this, he is an obligate fidget-er and a chatterbox, ways that he tries to bleed off his excess energy. As a child, he was known for having an anxious temperament and being extremely sensitive to the disapproval of others. This led to him being shy and withdrawn. Moving to a Weyr and later Impressing to Jahith have given him a level of outgoingness and focus at odds with the quiet boy of childhood. Noawadays he is a sociable person who boasts a wide circle of acquaintances - if he doesn't know someone, he probably knows someone who knows them. He enjoys hosting parties, card games, and making sure others have a good time. He never wants people to feel isolated like he used to.

History of Persona:
Zardhi was born at a minor hold in Igen's territory in the Northern Continent, the oldest of three children of a Technician mother and her husband. Zardhi was a small child with a stutter who was anxious interacting with others and shy, and he only opened up around his family.

He followed his mother into the Technicians' Craft as soon as he turned 12. Despite skepticism from those around him, who took his shyness and stutter as simplicity, the challenging Craft was something he could fully engage with, and he did an excellent job as an apprentice.

When it became clear old Weyrs would need to re-open, trained Technicians were suddenly in great demand to ensure the electrics still worked. Z'dhi's mother jumped at the opportunity to work on a project for her Master's knots and took the family South to Windswept Islands Weyr.

The family was there less than a month before a Search dragon identified Zardhi as a potential Candidate. Her rider walked him through petitioning the Weyrwoman for the right to Stand, and once he had the right, he alternated Candidate classes and Craft lessons. He blossomed at the Weyr in a way he hadn't before, better learning how to develop a social life. He Impressed to green Jahith when he was 18. Her calm acceptance of him and her love of life's pleasures bolstered his self-confidence and brought out an adventurousness.

Z'dhi was generally content at Windswept Islands until the loss of River Bluff Weyr. With the reshuffling of dragonriders to accomodate the influxes of new riders, he found himself at Dragonsfall for a time. Now that the new Weyrhold needs rider-crafters, he sees a chance to go back to his Crafting roots.

Family and Friends
Zarafi, 61, Sr. Journeyman Technician (mother)
Dhivan, 59, Lower caverns worker (father)
Rafivan, 24, Crafter (brother)
Zarahi, 19, Crafter (sister)

Dragon's Name: Jahith
Dragon's Age: 11
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m4 d3
Description of Dragon:
Jahith is predominantly pine green in shade. She is long and slender for her color, and boasts particularly broad wings. Her underbelly, muzzle, and tips of her wings and tail are lighter in color. In personality, Jahith is an oasis of tranquility and serenity, deliberate in thought and word. She soothes her rider's anxiety and provides an outlet for his constant stream of racing thoughts. This green believes that life is worth living well, and has a great affection for simple pleasures like lying in the sun, playing with other dragons, and a full belly.

Approved: December 10th 2017
Last updated: September 11th 2019

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