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Persona Profile: R'ien


Name: R'ien
Age: 38
Birthday: m8 d23
Rank: Wingrider, Azure Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
R'ien is five-eight and lean with a dragonrider's muscle. His hands are beautifully structured and strong, but there are several scars from carving accidents, primarily on his index fingers, thumbs, and palms. His eyes are bright gray shot with green, and he generally has either a thoughtful expression or a blank one, and a long, steady stare. When he's hyperfocused, there's a faint frown. R'ien tends to sit very still and doesn't make a lot of gestures because he tries to keep his hands busy, though that changes when he acts out stories for his kids or relates a memory of an event. If he's stressed out, he starts fidgeting even more with whatever's in his hands, rubbing his wristband, or playing with his weyrmate's hair.

His short hair is a medium shade of brown and curly, and he's possessed of a light tan and freckles on his nose, cheekbones, and temples. R'ien is average in overall looks, but when he smiles, it can light up a room. R'ien wears a lot of sensible clothing in hickory-brown and indigo or navy blue; long-sleeved, high-necked tunics with knee-length hems, trousers, and tall boots even when out of his riding leathers. A mocha-brown leather wristband with elaborate knotwork that used to belong to his father is almost constantly on his right wrist, and an amber roundel hung with a sard droplet (formerly his mother's) is in his left earlobe. A simple bronze chain around his neck bears a flat bronze ring etched with a flaming dragon, a love-token from his weyrmate.

Emotional Description of Persona:
R'ien is loyal, responsible and reliable to the point of being predictable; if he doesn't show up at a promised time, people can take that as a sign to worry. While generally a kind, patient, polite guy who doesn't have much trouble accepting others as they are, he’s also very, very honest. He never means to offend: In fact, it bothers him if he hurts people's feelings. He just doesn't see the point of lying or sugarcoating the truth, but he doesn't always know how to say things tactfully.

Related to this is the fact that rational, open communication is very important to him. Problems can't be solved if people don't say what they mean, so speak your mind and everything will work out. Also related, R'ien is hard to offend because he prefers people be honest with him in turn. Knowing that people have faith in him and his abilities is very important to him as well, as it helps him continue to do good work. He is extremely detail-oriented, which means he can spot flaws in objects and products, point out stuff others have overlooked due to thinking them unimportant, and make his carvings absolutely beautiful. In the past, others haven't expected this, since it's often seemed like R'ien isn't paying attention. (Just ask his kids: He IS.)

Despite the time and experience that have made him an expert in managing stress and staying calm, he does have limits. Thankfully, if R'ien is angered, it tends to burn out fast and leave him very drained, which is why he rarely gets mad; he doesn't enjoy how it makes him feel, and it's largely ineffective anyway.

He likes hearing a good yarn and watching performances, spending time with his dragon, family, and friends; soft textures, sweets, teaching his kids gymnastics, organized spaces, his rather heavy blanket, and the sense of completion that comes from jobs done well. He heartily dislikes wool clothing, leafy vegetables and onions, cheaters in trades and games, feeling disconnected due to lack of information, and deadlines. R'ien gets annoyed by tedious jobs as well, even though he's great at completing them neatly and quickly.

History of Persona:
The Kuzhai caravan was one of traders and entertainers; Dayren and Laihila were two members who'd married and had a son, Lairen. The boy was generally a docile, biddable child, but something was slightly "off" about him. He had a tendency to stare and needed to be reminded that was rude; light touches startled and made him twitch where firmer contact didn’t; and while there were some children he liked playing with, he wasn't very sociable. As he got older, Lairen became slightly more outgoing, but he also started more overtly hyperfocusing on his tasks and hobbies, which could make it hard to get his attention. It was frustrating to work around, but given more leeway and properly channeled after Lairen caught a would-be thief when he was thirteen and passing by one of the caravan's two jewelry sellers at a small hold’s Gather: He grabbed an adolescent girl's wrist and yanked a bracelet from her grasp. The jeweler hadn't noticed the bauble was missing because he'd been speaking with the girl's uncle, but the girl certainly hadn't paid. When asked how he’d known, Lairen mimicked the girl's jittery body language, and how she swiped the bracelet and hid it, which made the shape of her hand look unnatural.

The next Turn, during a stop at Opal Cove Hold, Dayren took a fall from one of the caravan's runnerbeasts. It was no one's fault, but he was hurt badly enough that travel was no longer an option. The caravan gave the family some goods and Marks to help, and the holders offered them a home while Dayren recovered. Laihila quickly showed skill as a potter, and Lairen formally apprenticed to a woodsmith. Dayren was able to write about taming and training runnerbeasts in bed, and when he was on his feet again (albeit with a cane), he was offered a beastcrafter teaching position. Lairen struggled with the change at first, missing the caravan and the people he'd known, but he did settle and come to like Hold living, only to get another drastic shift when he was eighteen: Three Dragonsfall riders came to Opal Cove, and Lairen was among several Searched. He was staggered by the idea, and almost wasn't willing to consider it. Dragonriding was a huge responsibility, and he argued that he knew he was off in the head, so who would put their trust in him?

Laihila looked him dead in the eye, and said, "You're one of the hardest-working and dependable people we know. Who _wouldn't_?"

Lairen became a Weyr resident soon after. There he befriended another Candidate, the caustically sarcastic, laid-back Lhukaz, and his best friend Heirax, a creche worker who was proud to be a bluerider's daughter. The three of them fit together like burrs in a boot. The men Impressed from the same clutch when Lairen was nineteen and Lhukaz twenty, and got through weyrlinghood with minimal mishaps. R'ien and Heirax, thoroughly besotted and twitterpated with each other, became weyrmates after his graduation.

Things went smoothly for Turns until R'ien was thirty-one, when he interrupted a Wing meeting to state that while the proposed new wing formation had a decent idea to build on, it wouldn't work in the air. Then, ignoring the elbow L'kaz kept jabbing into his side, he explained exactly why. The Wingleader of the time was miffed, but also intrigued, and told R'ien to meet him in his office after the meeting. In private, he gave the brownrider a scolding for calling him out in public, then asked his opinion on other wing formations. By the time the meeting was over, R'ien had been promoted to Wingsecond, which blew his mind. But so far, R'ien has done well enough in the position, weathering the changes that inevitably come with a shrug and a relatively positive attitude.

Family and Friends
L'kaz, 39, Brown wingrider. (Best friend.)
Heirax, 37, Creche worker. (Weyrmate.)
Renhei, 11, Weyrbrat. (Son.)
Kazlhu, 8, Weyrbrat. (Daughter.)

Dragon's Name: Donovath
Dragon's Age: 19
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Donovath falls right on the midline of browns when it comes to body structure, musculature, wingspan, stamina, endurance, and flaming power. Were it not for his patchwork coloring, he would be completely overlooked. His base color is a creamy tan, while his wings and head are a darker umber tone; a brighter, gingery-brown streak adorns his left eyeridge. His legs, from above his knees to his claws, are a shade like caramel. A Threadscore cluster rests on the top base of his tail, and there’s one on his right shoulder as well.

Donovath is endlessly optimistic, loving life and virtually everything about it. Put him to any task, and he'll often find a way to enjoy it, since what does he have to complain about? Not much, that's what! Even injuries and accidents in drills and Threadfall will be met with a mental sigh and a comment of }:Well, at least they're still with us, so I'm glad for that.:{ He gets on easily with nearly every dragon and human he meets, thinks other animals are adorable, and likes watching the world go by. One of his favorite things to do is watch sunrises, sunsets, and the comings and goings of Dragonsfall. He's also very devoted to R'ien's and Heirax's children, adoring them nearly as much as their parents do.

Even though he's not averse to new experiences, Donovath enjoys routines. He finds such things to be a source of stability, and feels perplexed if something needs to interrupt them. However, if they are interrupted, it's usually important, so Donovath will let his rider handle it, or deal with it as effectively as a dragon can, and happily return to his normal, everyday habits when everything's taken care of.

Approved: November 21st 2017
Last updated: August 1st 2018

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