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Persona Profile: Devren

Writer: Eimi

Name: Devren
Age: 35
Birthday: m4 d26
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Job: Cloth Merchant

Physical Description of Persona:
Devren is not a tall man, coming up an inch or two below average height, though that has never bothered him. He has a thin, very expressive face, with a high-bridged nose and heavy brows over his light green eyes. His light brown hair is soft and has a slight wave to it. It is darkening as he gets older, and there is starting to be the glimmer of grey sprinkled through out.

Emotional Description of Persona:
His personality is warm and jovial most of the time, but he is a tough negotiator. He has a reputation for being fair and honest in his dealing with people. Devren is a businessman. He lives for a good deal and turning a profit. It's not the marks so much that he's interested in as it is the accomplishment of it. He can be quite generous with his own money, and is always happy to help a friend. One of his greatest pleasures is standing in the middle of his shop, looking around and knowing that he alone had made it happen. It is a great source of pride for him.

When you can catch Devren outside of work (which isn't often), he likes to be active. He enjoys climbing mountains and swimming in the ocean. Though he enjoys a drink now and then, he has never been a heavy drinker. He doesn't have many people that he would consider close friends, but he is on friendly terms with just about everyone he meets. People can always expect a warm smile and happy greeting when they see him on the paths around the Hold. He takes great pride in being a traditional Southern gentlemen in the best of sense. His philosophy is to treat everyone the way he himself wished to be treated, and it has served him well all his life.

History of Persona:
Devren was not born in Sunstone, but in Jade Harbor. His family had owned a shop in the area for generations, and they had become well known for their honest dealings with people. As a young boy he had loved helping out in the family business and watching his father and grandfather make deals with customers with a happy smile and hearty handshake. He very much wanted to continue in the family tradition, but he was one of several sons, and didn't want to always live under his family's shadow, great as it was.

When he was 23 Turns, he had saved up enough marks of his own to buy a few odds and ends to start off with. Having heard the growing reputation of Sunstone, he decided that was where he would go to try to make a business of his own. Landing on it's shores, he set up a tiny stall with his small variety of goods, and was surprised to see it was the ribbon and cloth that seemed to be most in demand. From then on, he threw himself into trade, learning all he could about different fabrics, prints and makers and bending the ear of every tailor and seamstress he could find. By the time he was 30, he had built his own shop, fallen in love with a woman from River Bend, and had a small daughter. Devren was happy at home and his business was a success. When his wife came to tell him the news that she was pregnant again, things couldn't have been better!

But then tragedy struck. When his beloved wife went into early labor, things did not go well. Devren sat by his wife's side through days of intense labor, watching her grow weaker and weaker. Unbeknownst to them, she had been carrying twins boys, and the babies' umbilical cords had become entangled, causing the first to get caught in the birth canal. In the end, he lost all three.

Left alone to care for his small daughter, Devren quickly realized that he was not prepared to raise her, and run a business, on his own. Deciding it was for the best, he asked his wife's parents to take his daughter in River Bend. Alone and grieving, he found solace in his work, and as time went on, the pieces of his heart slowly came back together and healed.

Three Turns on Devren still tries to make time to see his daughter every month or two, but he is more a favorite uncle to her than a father figure, which in his mind is how it should be. Now, Devren has built a thriving shop and has even started looking towards the possibility of starting over in his personal life as well.

Family and Friends
Malessa, 0, Hold Resident (Deceased Wife)
Devressa, 6, Hold Brat (River Bend) (Daughter)
Malgas, 50, Hold Resident (River Bend) (Late Wife's Father)
Onessa, 48, Hold Resident (River Bend) (Late Wife's Mother)
Gastel, 15, Shop Assitant (Late Wife's Second Cousin)
Nervina, 62, Hold Resident (Jade Harbor) (Mother)
Harfred, 66, Merchant (Jade Harbor) (Father)

Approved: September 22nd 2017
Last updated: September 15th 2017

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