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Persona Profile: Urtain


Name: Urtain
Age: 16
Birthday: m3 d24
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Urtain is brown. Literally, he's a brown shade from head to toe, his short cropped hair matching both his skin tone and his eye color. He's neither handsome nor ugly, but is rather ordinary, making it a running joke among his peers that there is no variation to him. He's unfortunate to be also of average height and build, being neither too skinny or too bulky.

Emotional Description of Persona:
One would think with Urtain's average appearance he would make an effort to be more memorable or flamboyant, but he simply does not. He is soft-spoken and quiet, prone to thinking carefully before he speaks, lending many to assume he lacks intelligence or is slow. Far from the truth, Urtain is extremely intelligent, and has an excellent mind for puzzles that involve strategy and forethought. He's also very gentle, especially with young children.

History of Persona:
Raised in the Weyr, Urtain lived the life of a typical weyrbrat. Never an overactive child, he spent his time reading, in lessons, or helping out the foster mothers in the creche. Though many of his peers ridiculed him for spending time with the babies, Urtain dearly loved helping care for the younger weyrbrats. He seriously considered childcare as his future, until he was Searched by his father's blue, Tumizth.

After carefully weighing his options, Urtain decided to give Candidacy a chance.

Family and Friends
U'hig, 41, Bluerider (Father)
Tainie, 32, Creche mother (Mother)

Last updated: November 19th 2017

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