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Persona Profile: Thraxe


Name: Thraxe
Age: 32
Birthday: m4 d18
Rank: Senior Journeyman Smith
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
One look at Thraxe, and somebody's bound to think "immovable object." He's six feet, three inches tall, three hundred pounds, powerfully built and remarkably muscular, and his face is solemnly handsome. As a result of his build, he's extremely strong, and thus moves with great precision and grace to minimize accidental damage. Unexpectedly, he can work up a good sprint, but that's usually reserved for emergencies; rushing about mindlessly isn't his style.

Surprisingly, Thraxe does know how to smile; when he does, it does wonders to lighten him up and make him seem warmer, more approachable. Dark, straight brown hair falls just below his neck, held back from his forehead with a wide golden-colored strap of cloth, which is knotted at his left temple and trails to his shoulder. His eyes are a very dark brown, and his skin is a coppery tan. His clothing is simple and functional in shades of brown, gray and blue.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Thraxe is stoic and laconic. If he has something to say, he'll say it in a deep baritone, then be quiet until it's his turn again. He's well in control of his emotions, and quite patient, careful to think matters over with the depth they need; thus he's not one to jump into things recklessly, and is a fair problem-solver. If he does jump into something, that's a good sign something has gone very wrong. Even in anger, he tends to keep himself in hand. Thraxe has a sense of humor, but it's dry and normally reserved for deadpan sarcasm and bland statements of the obvious.

There are few he calls close friends, but he's decent to just about everyone. It's only polite. And the friends he does have know they can always count on him no matter what, because he is unshakably loyal to them. If he does dislike someone, or thinks them fools, he will give them the cold shoulder. Thraxe is industrious, meticulous when it comes to cleanliness and the state of his possessions and tools, and his room is always organized and cozy. With women he finds attractive, Thraxe is gentlemanly, but a little awkward, even shy and tongue-tied due to relative inexperience and a lack of many courtships in the past. Those who do spend an evening with him find a good-hearted, attentive man who is very discreet and enjoys cuddling. (Given his size, many women find they can comfortably sit in his lap.)

He likes red wine with beef stew, interacting with animals, picnics, a good cup of tea, dancing, long walks, stability in situations, cooking for friends, and amateur gemcutting. He dislikes chaos and clutter in one's workplace and living space, uncivil disagreements where no one even bothers to see the other point of view, rudeness, people who won’t even entertain the idea of trying something different to get a task done, and being judged harshly or having his intelligence underestimated due to his size.

History of Persona:
The story began in Emerald Falls Hold, when Tathran and his slightly younger brother Sevi met a pair of sisters, Faeraxe and Aurill. Tathran married Faeraxe while Sevi and Aurill wed, all four securing a little place of their own within the main hold, maintaining a comfortable living and enjoying each other's company. Thraxe was born some Turns later to Tathran and Faeraxe, and was raised by all four adults in a very loving, supportive, and firm environment. Thraxe had an ordinary upbringing; he was an average student, had friends he enjoyed spending time with, and possibilities for a stable future. He apprenticed with the Hold smiths at twelve, when adolescence hit and started shaping him into a tall, strong person like his father and uncle.

When he was fifteen, Thraxe became painfully aware of his strength. Another Smithcraft apprentice known for being obnoxious had been especially annoying that day, making wisecracks and venting loudly while the cooled forges were cleaned. Everyone had been ignoring him, but then he turned on Thraxe, asking if his parents, aunt and uncle were a foursome, since it was unusual for siblings to live together after getting married. Offended by the rudeness, Thraxe grabbed the other apprentice and slammed him against one of the forges, creating a deafening crash and giving the boy a concussion. Thraxe was horrified at himself; he had not intended to cause harm, just make the other boy sorry for such a crass remark, and he hadn't realized he could hurt someone if he got angry because he'd always had so little reason to. His Journeyman teacher and family decided it would be best if he trained with the Hold Guard to learn how to control that strength. Embarrassed by the situation, Thraxe made no protest. In the ranks, he learned grappling and boxing, and the control he needed. He also made a friend, Shawyune, who never said an unkind word to him and shared some interests.

Life went on without much deviation from the norm. That changed when Thraxe was eighteen and Shawyune seventeen: Search came to Emerald Falls on behalf of Dolphin Cove Weyr. Several promising youths were picked, including Thraxe and Shawyune. Thraxe declined, wanting to instead spend time at Garnet Valley Hold in order to become a journeyman (which he later did), but he encouraged Shawyune to go; the Hold was no place for the effeminate, very bisexual boy who'd been cowed by his father for too long. While Shawyune eventually bowed out of Candidacy to follow his true passions, he stayed in touch with Thraxe as they both moved up in the ranks of their crafts.

While there still isn't much change from the norm, Thraxe is pretty content with his life, and hopes to one day have a pet and a nice woman to share it with.

Family and Friends
Shawyune, 30, Kitchen worker. (Best friend.)
Tathran, 64, Senior journeyman smith. (Father.)
Faeraxe, 59, Seamstress. (Mother.)
Sevi, 60, Cobbler. (Paternal uncle.)
Aurill, 57, Weaver. (Maternal aunt.)

Last updated: November 2nd 2017

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