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Persona Profile: Goulan


Name: Goulan
Age: 39
Birthday: m5 d8
Rank: Hold Resident
Location: Amber Hills Hold
Job: Understeward

Physical Description of Persona:
Goulan is a moderately-attractive man of middling age. He stands at slightly below average height and is developing a beer gut. His hair is a nondescript medium brown, his eyes are hazel. His skin is paler than average.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Goulan would be described by his coworkers as mild-mannered. He is reserved about himself and his personal life, but he would be described as more “quiet” and “serious” than “cold” or reserved in an unfriendly way. His people skills are adequate, as he will smile and laugh at light jokes, and make polite conversation, but he never seems to say anything of substance or get close to anyone. His saving grace is that his mind is sharp and his work always solid.

In actuality, Goulan is a man of strong and dark emotions. He has an envious streak as wide as a dragon's wingspan; he sees other people having the women, recognition, wealth that he craves, and not only does he want it, he wants to destroy them for having it. His envy eats away and makes him bitter, his ambition is a sharp poison, and masking it under a humble and effective persona has been his greatest acting challenge.

History of Persona:
Goulan is a native of Amber Hills Hold, born not too long after the plagues. He is the son of a father who labored in construction and a mother who performed domestic labor for the Hold proper as well as the household. Growing up in the main building meant he saw a lot of the nobility. He always wanted to be one of them, to have more than his parents did, and he never understood what he saw as
his older siblings' complacency.

Goulan was bright enough and did well enough in Harper classes that he was told he could likely apprentice, but his family said they needed him at home instead of far away at a Hall. The Harper helped arrange a position as one of the junior stewards , where his talent with writing and numbers could be useful but he was still a part of the main hold.

He has spent his entire adult life in training and service as a junior steward and then an understeward, being so busy with his ambitions that he never stopped to get married or have his own life. He has always hoped that he'd become one of the area overseers and then eventually Stewards. But while his work has been solid and he is dependable, his mild-mannered-ness was so strong that he was too easily overlooked (in his own opinion).

Watching a parade of foreign Stewards has made him furious enough that when one of the local holdless groups went looking for disaffected people, he joined up, thinking maybe a regime change would get the attention he'd always craved.

Family and Friends
Lanisa, 69, Hold worker (mother)
Goudaren, 76, Laborer (father)
Darenis, 47, Stable hand (brother)
Goulani, 43, Housewife (sister)
Isaren, 33, Bandit (brother)
Arenis, 29, Hold worker (sister)

Approved: July 27th 2016
Last updated: March 23rd 2019

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