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Persona Profile: Firelloa

Writer: Leigh M-F. (ONPC)

Name: Firelloa
Age: 14
Birthday: m4 d21
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Job: Apprentice.
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Student

Physical Description of Persona:
Firelloa is four feet, ten inches tall for now, and has fair skin, freckles, and dark red-brown hair she commonly wears in a ponytail or braid. Her wide, deep brown eyes give her a nigh-on perpetual expression of wonder, and she speaks in mezzo-soprano while singing in soubrette soprano. Like her sire and brother, Firelloa has teeth that looks fang-like at certain angles. Somehow, she makes it adorable. She wears gray and green outfits, or red and gray clothing, and prefers pants, but will wear skirts or dresses without too much complaining.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Refreshingly for people related to Eionen, Firelloa is a very happy child with a pleasant, welcoming demeanor, and a tendency to babble when she's wound up in positive or negative ways. This can make her come across as younger than she actually is, and Firelloa may well be one of those people who's always going to be young at heart.

She grew up loved by two parents who had a stable marriage, and knowing she was loved helped foster inner strength, and having to help out her mother at an early age brought about an independent streak. While her sense of humor occasionally has an unexpected bite to it, her emotions don't run as intensely as her male relatives', offering a more level-headed outlook on life. However, she's also quite optimistic, and her positive attitude has a tendency to spread.

History of Persona:
Firelloa never felt at home in her small hold. She always wanted to be somewhere else, but she could never explain where that was or why she wanted to go, or even where she wanted to go. It was moot anyway.

Her beloved father Cormalk died when she was eleven; she had to take care of the small room she came to share with her mother Bellarria, and learn to cook meals while her mother did what work she could. It wasn't long after Cormalk's passing that her mother told Firelloa he wasn't her biological father: A wandering harper was. They shared a bed two months before Bellarria became engaged to Cormalk, who had never questioned why his daughter didn't resemble him because he had started going blind shortly after the little girl turned one. Bellarria never said anything because she loved Cormalk deeply and wished Firelloa had been his. He simply thought Firelloa was premature. After some deep thought and a few hissy fits, Firelloa decided it didn't matter. Cormalk was her father and the wandering harper wasn't, because Cormalk told her stories, sang her to sleep, patiently taught her how to sew, and told he loved her. The harper had not, and therefore, he didn't matter.

The introspection didn't erase Firelloa's desire to go somewhere else, though. She didn't talk about it often because it was useless to, but Bellarria knew about and was concerned by it because she wanted her daughter to be happy. At the same time, she still needed her little girl's help too often.

Then a message-runner found them. Bellarria listened in astonishment as he explained he had been sent on behalf of a bronze weyrling in Dragonsfall Weyr, who wanted to know if Firelloa was related to him, and if she needed him in any way. Bellarria thought it over, and finally asked her daughter if she wanted to meet this bronzerider. Firelloa said yes, and her longing was fulfilled at last.

Besides, she'd always wanted a brother.

Family and Friends
A'kua, 20, Wingrider, Cyan Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Elder half brother.)
Eionen, 54, Senior Journeyman Harper, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (Biological father.)
A'kua, 20, Wingrider, Cyan Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Older half brother.)
Eionen, 54, Senior Journeyman Harper, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (Biological father. Deceased.)
Bellarria, 45, Hold resident. (Mother.)
Cormalk, 0, Tailor. (Father, deceased.)


Tinate, Blue Firelizard: aged 0, hatched m12 d23
Tinate's egg was found in a wild, nearly abandoned clutch; it's been speculated that his gold mom was very young and inexperienced. He was the last of the group to hatch, leading Firelloa to dub him Procrastinate, Tinate for short.

He's a darker shade of blue, except for a much lighter sky-blue splotch on his forehead. For the time being, Tinate is quiet and content to stick close to Firelloa at nearly all times, but a more independent streak may manifest as he gets older.

Last updated: October 31st 2017

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