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Dolphin Hall

Local Leadership

Hallmaster: Endarin
Hallsecond: OPEN
Master of Apprentices: OPEN
Headwoman: Jylanya
Dock Master: OPEN


Dolphin Craft

Maps and Floorplans

Dolphin Hall

Latest News

Enamra has her baby, a daughter, with the help of Master Thayde and Headwoman Jylanya. As planned, Enamra does not even look at the child after she is born. The infant is immediately wrapped and taken to Dolphin Cove Weyr by their Headwoman, Chaysea, who adopts the child as her own.

After recovering from childbirth, Enamra begins to look and feel healthier. Thayde finds her sitting alone outside one evening and tries to strike up a conversation. As a healer, Thayde is concerned about Enamra's isolation, and he decides to do his best to bring her out of her shell a bit.

Thayde invites Enamra to meet his dolphin, Ada, and the dolphin takes Enamra swimming, a past time that the drudge thoroughly enjoys.

Enamra is bullied by other drudges at the Hall who can read, and so they purposefully dump their extra assignments on the younger girl, knowing that she won't be able to read the chore list. Thayde, sensing Enamra's discomfort and stress over the situation, offers to help her learn to read.

Written by Heather as L1 on March 25th 2019


The Dolphin Hall is the only Hall not located within the bounds of any particular Hold. After the big storm of Turn 3 that veritably destroyed Topaz Sea Hold and the Hall that had been located right on the sea, the Hall relocated to its current location just a half an candlemarks walk from Dophin Cove Weyr.

It had been at its previous location since three turns after the end of the Ninth Pass, a mere thirteen turns after the founding of the nearby Topaz Sea Hold. It prospered, and there were many women in the craft before the series of plagues and the banning of women from the southern crafts.

The plagues didn't leave the Dolphin Hall as badly decimated as many of the other crafts, thanks to the open immigration policy of Topaz Sea Hold which has led to more people being available to apprentice than at many other locations. All was well at the hall until 1190, when all crafters were withdrawn from Topaz Hold because of the Lord Holder's alliance with the Weyrholds - including the dolphineers.

But the Hall did not stand empty for long. At Lord Jaryd's request, northern dolphineers came south and moved into the abandoned buildings, forming a new Hall under the leadership of Hallmaster Heffrin. Although it wasn't exactly a congenial relationship between the northern dolphineers and crafters at other Holds, over the turns things have settled down, leaving the Dolphin Hall as an established and accepted part of the south.

It is currently located in an old sea holding that was dug into the cliffs just off the sea.


The hall is currently located about half a candlemarks walk from Dolphin Cove Weyr in a series of caves in the cliffs overlooking the sea.

Building Information

The Hall is located in an old SeaHold that was left abandoned after the plagues. The SeaHold was of the traditional style, almost completely built within the cliffs at the back of the sheltered bay that is a part of the larger 'Dolphin Cove' area. With deep water access for small ships into the large sea cave the location was naturally well suited to a Hold, and now to the Dolphin Hall.

When the Dolphin Hall arrived they immediately put the two lower levels of the SeaHold into use. The lowest level contains kitchens; the dining hall; rooms that have been converted for use as classrooms, workshops, and equipment rooms; and those converted for the use of various non-dolphineer crafters within the Hall. The second level needed little renovation to function as offices, dormitories, private rooms and suites for the Hall's population. Since there hasn't been a pressing need to open and renovate the third level this remains closed off.

The basic layout of the Hall is of a single corridor on each level running parallel to the cliff-face. The occupied rooms are all between the corridor and the cliff so each has natural light from windows at the cliff end of the room. Nearly all of the rooms are long and narrow to enable as many as possible in the space, each with at least one window and a door into the corridor at the opposite end.

Across the main corridors from the the occupied rooms are the doors into shallow, often rough-hewn storage rooms. The larger of these have electric light. Some of these are plumbed as basic bathing rooms and necessaries.

While there are a few other entrances into the Hall on the lower level (most notably into the kitchens and via the sea cave) the main entrance is at the top of the wide flight of stone stairs rising up from the working dock area. The main doors, though double in width, are not particularly tall but do lead into a large, lofty foyer which rises up into the second level. An ornate staircase on each side of the great room gives access to the open gallery across the back of the foyer and from which the second level corridor leads away to both the left and right.

On the second level to the left of the foyer are the former SeaHolder's rooms with an excellent view of the docks below and of the entire bay. These are now the Hallmaster's office and personal rooms. In the same position on the other side of the foyer is another large suite of rooms, now converted into the offices for the Hallsecond and Master of Apprentices.

Technology Level

Thanks to AIVAS, the dolphincraft is fairly sophisticated. They have diving bells and modified flamethrower tanks that help to serve as compressed air tanks to help them stay under and dive deeper than they would normally. For more information on the specific technology, see the craft information section.

Female Policy

Considering the current dolphinhall is aligned with the northern Dolphin Hall and located near a Weyr, female crafters are always welcome. Many take advantage of this by apprenticing.

Population and Plague Effects

There are just under two hundred people living at the hall - dolphineers, their families, and support staff. Due to the fast action of the Dragonriders during the storm of Turn three, almost all of the residents of the hall managed to survive and relocate to the new location. Other dolphineers are posted to seaholds throughout the southern continent. The dolphin hall also has a harper and healers assigned to them, as well as some crafters from other disciplines. If the dolphineers require anything their resident crafters can't provide, they go instead to the crafters located at the Weyr.


Currently, the Dolphincraft Hall is being supported by the Northern craft as they slowly rebuild the hall. Eventually it is intended that they will be able to do trade with the Weyr and Seacrafters to support themselves once again.

Transportation Information

With the Weyr being fairly close, the dragons offer some transportation. The Hall has its own boats and the capability of swimming long distances if they have to get from one place to another.

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