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J'nne's Stories (1 - 25, most recent first)

How to Be a Bronzerider
Uetia and J'nne have a night out
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: Uetia, J'nne

Luneth Rises
Luneth attempts to rise
Writers: Avery, Devin, Len, Miriah, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Ninaine, Sh'lua, J'lor, N'call, K'ale, M'shan, D'ren, Z'kai, J'nne, S'vin

Barrel Roll On Green Wings
Another green flight
Writers: AmajoS, Devin, Estelle, Len, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Tavia, G'nir, Sh'lua, M'shan, S'vin, J'nne, A'chas, L'keri

After the Fall
Cyan Wing mourns the loss of a wingmate
Writers: AmajoS, Ames, Avery, Devin, Estelle, Len, Miriah, Paula, Suzee, Yvonne
Characters: L'keri, M'shan, A'chas, Jaylene, J'nne, T'lat, D'ale, Harki, Gelira, Ma'din, Z'kai, K'mai

Get a Room!
J'nne and his family and important friend have a drink to celebrate his joining Cyan Wing
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: J'nne, Uetia, Jaylene, J'zen

Welcome to the Real World
The senior Weyrlings are placed into fighting Wings.
Writers: Paula, Suzee
Characters: G'nir, E'naer, D'kere, J'nne, D'ale, Tarley, Erivana, Saibra, R'enh, S'lan, K'reyel

A Little First-Aid
The new Dragonsfall Weyrlings have their dragonet first-aid class.
Writers: Avery, Heather, Len, Paula, Suzee
Characters: S'lan, W'ser, Erivana, E'naer, Tarley, J'nne

A Bronze
Jayonne impresses much to Uetia and his family's shock and delight.
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: J'nne, Uetia, Jaylene, Tenani, J'zen

I Hope You Find Your Lifemate
With the help of weyrbrat Kaiafel, Jayonne is introduced to J'nev and his bronze in need of a bath
Writers: Eimi, Len
Characters: Kaiafel, J'nne, J'nev

New Beginnings
The Wearling staff at DFW meet their newest candidate and assistant
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: E'naer, J'nne, G'nir, F'veas, Jaylene

You're Welcome
The three River Buff residents take in their new home
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: Uetia, J'nne, Jaylene

Uetia and Jayonne work on their relationship.
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: Uetia, J'nne

In Praise of Mothers
Uetia and Jayonne talk over a picnic
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: Uetia, J'nne, Sabia

Uetia ambushes Jayonne but things don't turn out as she planned them.
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: Uetia, J'nne

Saved by the Harper
When visiting a party at RBW, Genna gets cornered by a particularly boring bronzerider.
Writers: Jelena, Len
Characters: J'nne, Genna, B'vall

Rage Against Machine
Uetia doesn't take the news very well.
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: Uetia, U'das, J'nne, Jaylene

Dance to the Beat
Lanniya dances to the music
Writers: Len, Miriah
Characters: Lanniya, J'nne

I Challenge You
The two of them dance and discuss his future.
Writers: Chelle, Len
Characters: Rhosyn, J'nne

Coming or Going
Jayonne tries to comfort a very oddly acting Uetia
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: Uetia, J'nne

Footloose and Fancy Free
Antagonists Jaylene and Rhosyn are stuck sitting together during the Feast
Writers: Chelle, Len
Characters: J'nne, Jaylene, Rhosyn

Oh Happy Day
The Lord of Sunstone takes a bride
Writers: Suzee, Paula, Miriah, Len, Emma, Clancey, Chelle, Avery, AL
Characters: Bryvin, Vestian, Relik, Xeladrie, Corowal, Felyna, Zathris, Rhosyn, K'sedel, Jaylene, J'nne, Xelfin

Quite the Opposite
Jayonne has good news for Sefanya
Writers: Jenah, Len
Characters: Sefanya, J'nne

Not For Him
Uetia frets and Jayonne comforts her.
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: Uetia, J'nne

Play For Me
Jayonne needs a new violin and turns to Kwiksol for help, but Jaylene has other ideas
Writers: Len, Suzee
Characters: Kwiksol, Jaylene, J'nne

Uetia misses Sabonus and Jayonne cheers her up...in a rather unexpected way.
Writers: Len, Paula
Characters: Uetia, J'nne

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