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R'yin's Stories (1 - 25, most recent first)

Turning Down Right Side Up
R'yin meets someone in the hall after he left Ciara and finds a willing partner to help him forget her... for a little while.
Writers: Clancey, Heather
Characters: R'yin, Payje

Down, Down, Down
After the flight just a little discomfort.
Writers: Clancey, Suzee
Characters: R'yin, Ciara

Up, Up, Up
Ellianith rises
Writers: Suzee, Paula, Miriah, Heather, Emma, Clancey, Devin, Avery
Characters: Im're, L'ris, U'das, K'mai, K'sedel, R'yin, K'lvin, Ciara, F'relen, Z'dir

Green's Arising
Ciara's green Ellianith rises over River Bluff.
Writers: Devin, Chelle, Clancey, Emma, Heather, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Ciara, K'sedel, Im're, R'yin, E'rae, U'das, S'yei, K'mai

After Flight Courtesy
U'fouinn and R'yin deal with the aftermath of Amizth's flight
Writers: Clancey, Ames
Characters: U'fouinn, R'yin

Amizth Flies Strong
U'fouinn's green Amizth rises and ends up with an unexpected winner
Writers: Ames, Clancey, Anaria, Len, Suzee
Characters: U'fouinn, D'arvn, R'yin, M'nael, G'reyan, P'gon

You Do Neat Work
Rhosyn helps R'yin when his dragon gets scored.
Writers: Chelle, Clancey
Characters: Rhosyn, R'yin

Unwanted Attention
An inebriated bronzerider gets a little forward and J'pil comes to the rescue.
Writers: AL, Clancey
Characters: R'yin, Briata, J'pil

Company For Breakfast
R'yin and Briata have breakfast together.
Writers: AL, Clancey
Characters: R'yin, Briata

Hey Bronze Boy!
Tagrerth rises to be caught by Dwarkanath.
Writers: Devin, Clancey, Eimi, Emma, Paula
Characters: Nytha, U'das, M'galec, R'masu, K'mai, R'yin

It's A Date (Part I)
The wonderful embarrassment of a first date. At least for the brownrider.
Writers: AL, Clancey
Characters: R'yin, Kitali

It's A Date (Part II)
The wonderful embarrassment of a first date. At least for the brownrider.
Writers: AL, Clancey
Characters: R'yin, Kitali

Blushing Brownrider
R'yin gets up the courage to ask Kitali out ... shock and awe follows!
Writers: AL, Clancey
Characters: R'yin, Kitali

A Beginning
R'yin invites Kitali and her children to see the dolphins.
Writers: AL, Clancey
Characters: R'yin, Kitali, Cirina

Taking Care Of Patients
Kitali brings Beryl back for a followup.
Writers: AL, Clancey
Characters: R'yin, Kitali

Health Inspector
R'yin examines Leith as E'rae looks on.
Writers: Chelle, Clancey
Characters: R'yin, E'rae

In Good Hands
Kitali brings her wounded firelizard to R'yin for medical attention.
Writers: AL, Clancey
Characters: Kitali, R'yin

Oh, So Awkward!
Abrei makes her not-so-great escape from R'yin's weyr.
Writers: Bree, Clancey
Characters: Abrei, R'yin

Self Destructive Hobbies
A drunken R'yin runs into Abrei on the beach with unexpected consequences.
Writers: Bree, Clancey
Characters: R'yin, Abrei

Syntara wakes up with R'yin after the Flight.
Writers: Clancey, Shelly
Characters: Syntara, R'yin

Faylith Rises and during the Flight, Syntara influences Faylith to chose R'yin's Aerrath as the winner.
Writers: Devin, Clancey, Dana, Eimi, Emma, Paula, Shelly
Characters: Syntara, K'reyel, R'yin, M'galec, Ar'lis, K'mai, U'das, M'van

R'yin and Syntara make plans to help each other over their broken hearts.
Writers: Clancey, Shelly
Characters: R'yin, Syntara

Catch her!
Ellianith rises
Writers: Clancey, Dana, Emma
Characters: Ciara, R'yin, K'sedel

Do You Feel Better?
Ciara and R'yin's daughter gets sick and they try to comfort each other.. without much success.
Writers: Clancey, Dana
Characters: Ciara, R'yin

A Hard Truth
Solieira helps Ciara tell R'yin a very hard truth, but it's his dragon that finally convinces him.
Writers: Clancey, Dana
Characters: Solieira, Ciara, R'yin

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