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Kalesia's Stories (1 - 7, most recent first)

Meeting the Hallmaster
Kalesia has her interview with the Hallmaster.
Writers: Avery, Jane
Characters: Leisenn, Kalesia

Anything to Help
Mahantan reviews Kalesia's performance as an apprentice
Writers: Avery, Vix
Characters: Mahantan, Kalesia

Letters and Dragons
Kalesia meets Swift and they have a talk over breakfast.
Writers: Avery, Jane
Characters: Kalesia, Swift

Overcoming fears
Kale asks Laram for advice on how to overcome her fears of rescue.
Writers: Allison, Avery
Characters: Laram, Kalesia

Any Tips?
Laram gives Kalesia tips on how to survive rescue and salvage training.
Writers: Allison, Avery
Characters: Laram, Kalesia

Family and Crafting
Kalesia and Yara catch up on events since they came South.
Writers: Ainsley1, Avery
Characters: Kalesia, Yara

Mahantan initiates a mandatory swim for all apprentice dolphineers to teach them the value of good equipment care.
Writers: Ainsley1, Allison, Avery, Jane, Kaysea, Patrick, Paula, Roxanne, Vix
Characters: Mahantan, Ednan, Laram, Kouna, Kalesia, Arathisa

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