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Enrizial's Stories (1 - 21, most recent first)

Spousal Orders
Enrizial and Anaia exchange letters.
Writers: Estelle, Lexy
Characters: Enrizial, Anaia

Enrizial writes to Almonteo to complain about his Hallsecond
Writers: Estelle, Eimi
Characters: Almonteo, Enrizial

Growing Up
Enriline's grandson, Calrian, reminds her of when Enrizial was a child
Writers: Estelle
Characters: Enriline, Enrizial

Not Possible
Mirdra asks Enrizial to let her and Kohler care for Cazlik
Writers: Estelle, AL
Characters: Enrizial, Mirdra

An Intriguing Offer
Enrizial writes to Kohler, offering him the position of Steward at Emerald Falls
Writers: Estelle, Nici
Characters: Enrizial, Kohler

Kohler and Mirdra arrive at Emerald Falls with Cazlik and are greeted by Enrizial
Writers: Estelle, Nici, AL
Characters: Kohler, Enrizial, Mirdra

Just A Child
Kohler tries to persuade Enrizial not to be too hard on Cazlik
Writers: AL, Nici, Estelle
Characters: Enrizial, Kohler, Mirdra

Gilbek wakes Kohler and Mirdra with the news that Cazlik can't sleep, and Kohler suggests that he ask Enrizial to comfort the boy
Writers: Estelle, Nici, AL
Characters: Gilbek, Kohler, Enrizial, Mirdra

An Indefinite Period
Enrizial tells Fayne that she must take over some of Anaia's duties
Writers: Dana, Estelle
Characters: Enrizial, Fayne

Glad To Serve
Enrizial asks Felyna to supervise the Hold's ladies while Anaia is gone
Writers: Clancey, Estelle
Characters: Enrizial, Felyna

Felyna tells Enrizial of Lady Anaia's "interest" in Reilina
Writers: Clancey, Estelle
Characters: Felyna, Enrizial

Stowaway (3/6): Keeping It Quiet
Reideen and Linmarta ask Enrizial for help in finding Reilina
Writers: Beth, Estelle
Characters: Enrizial, Reideen, Linmarta

Don't Waste Your Time
Enrizial asks Kohler for advice after Ryndel accuses Gilbek of setting fire to the Harper Hall, and Kohler offers to speak to Ryndel
Writers: Estelle, Nici
Characters: Enrizial, Kohler

Hidden Treasure
Lenala makes good on her promise to visit Lord Enrizial at Emerald Falls.
Writers: Bree, Estelle
Characters: Lenala, Enrizial

Enrizial and Kohler help to fight a fire at the Harper Hall
Writers: Estelle, Nici
Characters: Enrizial, Kohler

A Welcome Arrival
Kohler arrives at Emerald Falls and is met by Enrizial
Writers: Estelle, Nici
Characters: Kohler, Enrizial

Enrizial visits Anaia and their daughters, and Faraline surprises them
Writers: Estelle, Lexy
Characters: Enrizial, Anaia

Enrizial learns about some Thread burrows on his land, and complains to T'moran about them
Writers: Estelle
Characters: Enrizial, T'moran

ACH: Empty Cradles (8): Innocents
Enrizial and Anaia try to comfort one another after the kidnapping of their children
Writers: Estelle, Lexy
Characters: Enrizial, Anaia

ACH: Empty Cradles (6): Where Are My Daughters?
Alalir, Aswic and Alajeran continue to organise the search for the babies, and are interrupted by Enrizial.
Writers: Estelle, Lexy, Nici
Characters: Alalir, Alajeran, Enrizial, Jeralir, Aswic

ACH: Empty Cradles (7): She Deserves Better
Enriline arrives with Anaia and chastises Enrizial for insulting Alalir and Alajeran, suggesting that he instead comfort his wife.
Writers: Estelle, Lexy, Nici
Characters: Alajeran, Enrizial, Alalir, Enriline, Anaia

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