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Stories set at Green Valley Hold (1 - 25, most recent first)

Family arriving
Verran's family arrives and are greeted by Arippa.
Writers: Paula, Suzee
Characters: Verran, Arippa, Ganice, Niccea

A New Job
Reven meets with Green Valley's new Steward.
Writers: Heather, Paula
Characters: Reven, Verran

You Lost Your What?
Reven loses something very important and relies on Coran to help him find it.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Reven, Coran, Pippa

Lord's Visit
Corowal is visiting and inspecting Green Valley Hold.
Writers: Heather, Paula
Characters: Corowal, Reven

Rekindling Flame
The Lord Holder is at large and up to mischief.. or at least adultery.
Writers: Paula, Suzee
Characters: Corowal, Dinalee

Attempt No. 2
Caenir tries against to ask how Revenís sister.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Caenir, Renette

The Cost of Being Irresponsible
Tener comes to Reven for help.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Reven, Tener

Attempt No. 1
Caenir tries to take Reven up on his advice.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Caenir, Renette

Big Mistakes
Tener and Ayressa discuss some troubling news.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Tener, Ayressa

Party Time
Reven's Birthing Day Party.
Writers: Heather, Suzee
Characters: Arippa, Reven, Tener

Reven and Corette see Relea in the gardens.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Reven, Relea, Corette

Date My Sister... Now!
Reven asks Caenir something unusual.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Reven, Caenir

The Memory of a Name
Discuss, or agree not to discuss, baby names.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Relea, Coran

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too
Arippa and Reven enjoy a little birthingday celebration on the morning of his thirtieth birthingday.
Writers: Heather, Suzee
Characters: Reven, Arippa

Trouble in Paradise
The two experience the inevitable lull of a married couple.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Coran, Relea

A New Hope
The couples has another chance.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Relea, Coran

Learning the Language
Relea seeks her husband's advice.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Coran, Relea

Not Quite Proper
Memories if an uncomfortable talk.
Writers: Suzee, Heather
Characters: Reven, Arippa

Birthday Gift
Coran thinks back about the gift Relea gave him on his birthingday.
Writers: Heather, AL
Characters: Relea, Coran

Not Quite Proper
Qorri comes to speak to the lady about an issue.
Writers: Chelle, Suzee
Characters: Qorri, Arippa

The Perfect Addition
A new hold resident is born
Writers: Heather, Suzee
Characters: Arippa, Reven, Coran

Not Bound By Blood, or How to Have a Daughter Nearly Your Own Age
Felyna and Arippa have a moment together after they arrive.
Writers: Clancey, Suzee
Characters: Felyna, Arippa

Oil and Water
Renette meets a man who may just be her arch-nemesis, his family calls him Aydin.
Writers: Clancey, Heather
Characters: Renette, Aydin

A Visit from the Lord
Corowal, Felyna and children, along with Sarban, arrive at Green Valley for their visit and are greeted by Reven, Arippa and Qorri.
Writers: Chelle, Clancey, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Reven, Arippa, Qorri, Corowal, Sarban, Felyna

Dirt Digging
The two of them dig some roots together.
Writers: AL, Chelle
Characters: Qorri, Relea

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