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Stories set at Dolphin Hall (1 - 25, most recent first)

Back in Business
The Dolphin Hall celebrates new construction after the fire nearly destroyed it 1 Turn prior.
Writers: Eimi, Heather, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Endarin, Milga, Naton, Jylanya

Naton and Thayde discuss an apprentice.
Writers: Heather, Eimi
Characters: Thayde, Naton

An Unavoidable Part of the Job
Naton gets his marching orders from Endarin.
Writers: Eimi, Heather
Characters: Naton, Endarin

Nobody's Fault
Naton and Jylanya have to deal with Veerona's sudden departure...
Writers: Eimi, Suzee
Characters: Naton, Jylanya

What now?
Various people are moving to new directions.
Writers: Paula
Characters: Uetia, Uegot, Nerylyn, Taren, Drumilla, Milga, Tamah, F'dal, G'el

Restoring the Hall
Endarin reflects on the progress made at the Dolphin Hall.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Endarin

Life Lessons
Veerona comes upon Milga in the hallway.
Writers: Chelle, Paula
Characters: Veerona, Milga

Up In Smoke (2)
The dolphineers battle the blaze at the Dolphin Hall
Writers: Chelle, Heather, Suzee
Characters: Jylanya, Thayde, Naton, Endarin, Veerona

Up In Smoke (1)
The Table Walking Ceremony is cut short by a disaster at the Hall.
Writers: Heather, Jelena, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Endarin, Thayde, Irabel, Jylanya, Naton, Milga, F'dal, Kirten, Ievas

Breakfast and Maths
The women wake up and Naton appears.
Writers: Chelle, Jelena, Suzee
Characters: Veerona, Jylanya, Naton

Talking Hall
Naton checks in with his Hallmaster and they discuss the upcoming promotions
Writers: Heather, Jelena
Characters: Endarin, Naton

Easier to Bear
An old, familiar nightmare occurs, but this time Naton finds it easier to shake.
Writers: Jelena, Suzee
Characters: Jylanya, Naton, Tonya

Poker Face
All "hands" on "deck".
Writers: Jelena, Leigh M-F.
Characters: Naton, L'exan, D'lew, B'hal, Gallee

Naton helps Milga with her studies.
Writers: Jelena, Paula
Characters: Milga, Naton

A Gift With a Hidden Meaning
Irabel brings Thayde a gift, but still doesn't find a way to share her feelings.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Irabel, Thayde

All Things Dolphin
Genna takes a trip to the Dolphin Hall, where Naton shows her around and tells her all about working as a dolphineer.
Writers: Jelena
Characters: Genna, Naton, Eloma

Endarin offers Irabel a promotion to Master after her work rescuing Thayde and Zathris.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Endarin, Irabel

Sharing Good News
Irabel shares news of her promotion with Thayde.
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Irabel, Thayde

Going Home
Thayde and Zathris are finally rescued!
Writers: AL, Heather
Characters: Thayde, Zathris, Irabel, Endarin, R'axe, Meledei

Harper Doorstop
The Weyrharper visits the dolphin hall and is confronted with child logic.
Writers: Chelle, Jane
Characters: Veerona, R'haran

Not Giving Up
The dolphineers discuss the on-going search for Lord Zathris and Master Thayde.
Writers: AL, Avery, Jelena, Suzee
Characters: Irabel, Naton, Kirten, Talern

Planning a Rescue
Endarin calls in the Rescue and Salvage team when he finds out about the shipwreck involving Zathris and Thayde.
Writers: AL, Avery, Heather, Suzee
Characters: Endarin, Naton, Irabel, Talern

Passing Muster
The old seadog meets the new Tillek.
Writers: Chelle, Heather
Characters: Endarin, Relik

Are You In?
Sharev asks Irabel for some help.
Writers: AL, Mirren
Characters: Irabel, Sharev

Search and Wrappers
Sharev meets his new Hallmaster
Writers: Heather, Mirren
Characters: Endarin, Sharev

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