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Emma's Stories (1 - 25, most recent first)

The Golden Arrow, part 1
Santhiath Rises for the first time.
Writers: Yvonne, Suzee, Paula, Miriah, Heather, Emma, Devin
Characters: Z'ku, K'deren, L'cor, Y'gel, J'ackt, R'nar, F'lin, G'ran, Dessa

The Golden Arrow, part 2
Santhiath Rises for the first time.
Writers: Devin, Emma, Heather, Miriah, Paula, Suzee, Yvonne
Characters: Dessa, G'ran, F'lin, R'nar, J'ackt, Y'gel, L'cor, K'deren, Z'ku

Meet the Parents
R'nar brings Ranni to dinner to meet his family.
Writers: Emma, Heather, Suzee
Characters: Ranni, R'nar, Cyradis, K'deren, Kielya

Splish, Splash
Saran helps Oria bathe Degrorth. Chatting ensues throughout.
Writers: Emma, Phoenix
Characters: S'ran, Oria

Accepting Responsibility
R'nar approaches K'sedel regarding Ranni's duties.
Writers: Emma, Heather
Characters: K'sedel, R'nar

Changing Home
The gold and bronze leave for the new Weyrhold
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: N'call, Teseada

We've Found the Place
T'lat and L'keri tell the Weyrleader about the site they've found for the new Weyr
Writers: Emma, Estelle, Suzee
Characters: T'lat, K'reyel, L'keri

A Happy Visit
The two friends compare notes and just visit
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: Pierka, Oria

Gaining Resources, Making Plans
New resources discovered and grand plans discussed.
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: Bilpen, Avcan

Symptoms of an Uh Oh
Teseada picks up on symptoms that Lanniya has missed
Writers: Emma, Miriah
Characters: Lanniya, Teseada

A Grand Adventure
Saran and his sister get searched for Dolphin Cove Wey
Writers: Emma, Phoenix, Suzee
Characters: S'ran, Oria, L'cor, Rossalin

A New Weyr (Conclave Meeting)
Weyr Conclave meeting to discuss forming a new Weyr to replace River Bluff.
Writers: Avery, Devin, Emma, Heather, Suzee
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra, N'vanik, Cyradis, K'ran, H'lib, Yvonnes, M'stan, S'shin, Leriyah, Galardja, T'miel, Raelis

A Surprising Applicant
L'keri has to carry out his dare
Writers: Emma, Estelle, Heather
Characters: L'keri, Saibra, Teseada

Snacks and Warmth
Cyradis leans on her Weyrmate
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, K'deren

Seeking Comfort
Seeking comfort after a difficult hatching
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, K'deren

Play Date
The three parents and two children spend time together
Writers: Emma, Miriah, Suzee
Characters: Teseada, N'call, Ninaine, Tecall, Callaine

Family Living
K'sedel interviews Tener, a new Candidate, and discusses the difficulties of family life for riders.
Writers: Aaron, Emma
Characters: K'sedel, T'ner

A United Front
The Weyrwoman and Weyrleader take a moment to be alone after the Hatching.
Writers: Emma, Heather
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra

Tragedy and New Life
Tragedy and new life combine for an emotional Dragonsfall Hatching
Writers: Heather, Emma
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra

In Trouble
Family visit
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: N'call, Teseada

Temmin washes his first dragon.
Writers: AmajoS, Emma
Characters: K'dee, T'min

Called to Task
K'reyel calls Ma'din to task for his behavior
Writers: Emma, Miriah
Characters: K'reyel, Ma'din

Aftermath Again
After the gold flight.
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: K'deren, Timassa

To Rule the Clouds
Panitath rises
Writers: AmajoS, Ames, Avery, Devin, Emma, Heather, Miriah, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, N'vanik, D'hol, J'ackt, G'ran, K'lvin, K'sedel, K'ran, A'kades, T'nom, Z'ku, K'deren, E'wint

Finally Joining a Wing
The graduating Weyrlings get their Wing assignments.
Writers: Avery, Devin, Emma, Paula
Characters: A'be, N'vanik, K'ran, K'sedel, L'pin

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