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Emma's Stories (1 - 25, most recent first)

A Happy Visit
The two friends compare notes and just visit
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: Pierka, Oria

A Grand Adventure
Saran and his sister get searched for Dolphin Cove Wey
Writers: Emma, Phoenix, Suzee
Characters: S'ran, Oria, L'cor, Rossalin

A New Weyr (Conclave Meeting)
Weyr Conclave meeting to discuss forming a new Weyr to replace River Bluff.
Writers: Avery, Devin, Emma, Heather, Suzee
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra, N'vanik, Cyradis, K'ran, H'lib, Yvonnes, M'stan, S'shin, Leriyah, Galardja, T'miel, Raelis

A Surprising Applicant
L'keri has to carry out his dare
Writers: Emma, Estelle, Heather
Characters: L'keri, Saibra, Teseada

Snacks and Warmth
Cyradis leans on her Weyrmate
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, K'deren

Seeking Comfort
Seeking comfort after a difficult hatching
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, K'deren

Play Date
The three parents and two children spend time together
Writers: Emma, Miriah, Suzee
Characters: Teseada, N'call, Ninaine, Tecall, Callaine

Family Living
K'sedel interviews Tener, a new Candidate, and discusses the difficulties of family life for riders.
Writers: Aaron, Emma
Characters: K'sedel, Tener

A United Front
The Weyrwoman and Weyrleader take a moment to be alone after the Hatching.
Writers: Emma, Heather
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra

Tragedy and New Life
Tragedy and new life combine for an emotional Dragonsfall Hatching
Writers: Heather, Emma
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra

In Trouble
Family visit
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: N'call, Teseada

Temmin washes his first dragon.
Writers: AmajoS, Emma
Characters: K'dee, T'min

Called to Task
K'reyel calls Ma'din to task for his behavior
Writers: Emma, Miriah
Characters: K'reyel, Ma'din

Aftermath Again
After the gold flight.
Writers: Emma, Suzee
Characters: K'deren, Timassa

To Rule the Clouds
Panitath rises
Writers: AmajoS, Ames, Avery, Devin, Emma, Heather, Miriah, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Cyradis, N'vanik, D'hol, J'ackt, G'ran, K'lvin, K'sedel, K'ran, A'kades, T'nom, Z'ku, K'deren, E'wint

Finally Joining a Wing
The graduating Weyrlings get their Wing assignments.
Writers: Avery, Devin, Emma, Paula
Characters: A'be, N'vanik, K'ran, K'sedel, L'pin

A Solid Number
Another clutch for Erdenth and Chioneth
Writers: Emma, Heather
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra

That's Not Possible!
K'sedel gives R'fal some bad news about his father.
Writers: Emma, Estelle
Characters: K'sedel, R'fal

K'sedel summons R'fal to explain the events of the party.
Writers: Emma, Estelle
Characters: R'fal, K'sedel

What You Know and What You Should Know
K'sedel impresses upon K'don the seriousness of alcohol consumption, while K'don attempts to walk the line between loyalty to his classmates and lying to his grandfather.
Writers: Aaron, Emma
Characters: K'don, K'sedel

Just a Bit of Fun
R'fal makes a confession to K'sedel
Writers: Estelle, Emma
Characters: K'sedel, R'fal

In the Rider's Best Interest
The Weyrleader and Weyrwoman discuss what's best for a wingrider
Writers: Emma, Heather
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra

It Was a Good Ride.
The Wingsecond steps down.
Writers: Emma, Leigh M-F.
Characters: K'reyel, R'ien

Enjoy Yourself
R'fal is summoned to see the Weyrlingmaster again.
Writers: Emma, Estelle
Characters: R'fal, K'sedel

To Safety (2)
A hurricane is on the way and DCW has one day old dragonets to care for!
Writers: Avery, Devin, Emma, Estelle, Len, Paula, Sarah Lynn, Suzee
Characters: Sh'del, Cyradis, Dessa, L'pin, V'rel, K'sedel, N'vanik, T'lin, R'fal, Brinnjura

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