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Dolphin Cove Weyr

Lower Caverns Staff

Name Age Rank Writer
Chaysea 33 Headwoman Heather
Nydalid 49 Herder Adopt
Kaitien 17 Headwoman's staff Emma
Talryne 25 Dragonless Rider Devin
Ikalis 20 Weyr Resident Avery
Kielya 9 Weyr Resident Suzee
OPEN   Weyr Resident Create
Dessa 18 Candidate Paula
Tyselin 19 Candidate Devin
Vatirel 17 Candidate Avery
OPEN   Candidate Create

Weyr Crafters

Name Age Rank Craft Writer
OPEN   Weyrharper   Create
Pacham 68 Weyrhealer Healer Adopt
Reeva 43 Master Healer Cymiri
Solis 56 Master Technician Avery
OPEN   Master Crafter   Create
Eioval 32 Senior Journeyman Harper Cymiri
Kaiji 43 Senior Journeyman Weaver Adopt
Olwinna 38 Senior Journeyman Healer Paula
Ricker 39 Senior Journeyman Technician Yvonne
Asley 22 Junior Journeyman Printer Adopt
Kraygh 26 Junior Journeyman Starsmith Emma
Meridia 26 Junior Journeyman Tanner Nicole Bonvisuto
Briata 21 Senior Apprentice Weaver Suzee
OPEN   Crafter   Create

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