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River Bluff Weyr

Lower Caverns Staff

Name Age Rank Writer
Jayzine 43 Headwoman Suzee
Viriana 25 Lower Cavern's Worker Adopt
Solieira 72 Weyr Resident Clancey
Tokallya 23 Weyr Resident Adopt
OPEN   Weyr Resident Create
OPEN   Candidate Create

Weyr Crafters

Name Age Rank Craft Writer
Brender 47 Weyrharper Harper Adopt
OPEN   Weyrhealer   Create
Jadirah 41 Master Healer Avery
Reeva 42 Master Healer Cymiri
Zebrekhan 72 Master Miner Adopt
OPEN   Master Crafter   Create
Tamah 54 Senior Journeyman Seacrafter Paula
Eioval 32 Senior Journeyman Harper Cymiri
Fitchan 26 Senior Journeyman Technician Emma
Roldar 39 Senior Journeyman Healer Adopt
Blayre 32 Junior Journeyman Vintner Adopt
Drumilla 25 Junior Journeyman Healer Paula
Jayonne 21 Junior Journeyman Harper Len
Kailatan 27 Junior Journeyman Mason Emma
Briata 21 Senior Apprentice Weaver Suzee
Bahji 18 Student Weaver Miriah
OPEN   Crafter   Create

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