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FAQ / When are upcoming Hatchings?

Last updated 7th March 2016 by Suzee

When are upcoming Hatchings?

Article by: Bree & Eimi

The following is a list of gold flights, clutches and Hatchings planned at Triad Weyrs.

Post DuePern DateEventWeyrWriter
1/15/16m4 d9Chioneth ClutchesDFWHeather
2/5/16m4 d17Panitath's Clutch HatchesDCWSuzee
2/25/16m4 d21Orlaith RisesRBWChelle
3/15/16m5 d9Chioneth's Clutch HatchesDFWHeather
4/5/16m5 d20Riyanth RisesDCWAvery
4/25/16m5 d21Orlaith ClutchesRBWChelle
5/15/16m6 d9Onnyth RisesDFWEmma
6/5/16m6 d20Riyanth ClutchesDCWAvery
6/25/16m6 d21Orlaith's Clutch HatchesRBWChelle
7/15/16m7 d9Onnyth ClutchesDFWEmma
8/5/16m7 d20Riyanth's Clutch HatchesDCWAvery
8/25/16m7 d21Anaeryth's First RiseRBWMiriah
9/15/16m8 d9Onnyth's Clutch HatchesDFWEmma
10/5/16m8 d17Elleth RisesDCWAmanda
10/25/16m8 d21Anaeryth ClutchesRBWMiriah
11/15/16m9 d9Lissath RisesDFWJelena
12/5/16m9 d17Elleth ClutchesDCWAmanda
12/23/16m9 d21Anaeryth's Clutch HatchesRBWMiriah

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