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Last updated 15th August 2005 by Bree

Morals on Family: Earth Vs Pern

Remember, the concept of two parents and their children as a family is more of a modern Earth ideal, and the Pernese have different needs and values due to being a more medieval society, which has no widespread and effective method of birth control. Fostering children is an accepted practice on Pern, particularly at the Weyrs. The well-being of the child is the utmost consideration in who raises the child, so that the child is raised to be healthy and happy with the full attention of a loving parent, whether birth or foster.

In conclusion, keep the above facts in mind when creating a persona or writing out their history. Pern isn't just Earth with dragons tossed in. Don't impose 21st century Earth values, often too closely tied into religious beliefs, into creating your persona. Religion doesn't exist on Pern - and neither do quite a few Earth hangups about life in general. That's what makes it such an interesting world to play in.

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