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FAQ / Triad Weyrs Canon

Last updated 15th August 2005 by Bree

How does the club view the DLG?

The DLG - formally known as The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern - was last published in 1989. It is well known for its errata (Sariel's site has a section devoted to it) that contradict the books, especially those written later than it. Information from it is used only when the books provide no other indication of a subject, and book canon _always_ overrides DLG errata. Its main use is for those crafts that never get a lot of mention in the books, as well as the nitpicky details that don't make it into the books about daily life on Pern. Additionally, the section written by Todd McCaffrey (Chapter VI) on dragonrider training is considered canon and is the basis for how our Weyrleaders operate in the club.

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